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Crypto is booming, regulations are brewing

Compliance will become a big part of the growing crypto markets. We see a growing need for compliance services in the digital assets space that are normally performed by Chief Compliance Officers ("CCO") in financial markets. Our experience in the futures, forex, & digital assets spaces and access to a vast array of financial and regulatory professionals means we can provide custom, bespoke compliance services to our clients without the need for them to hire full-time CCOs.

We provide a vast array of compliance services to suit the different needs of clients of all sizes and functions. Our services offered include: Written Policies & Procedures, Chief Compliance Officer Annual Reports, BSA/AML Services, Compliance Audits and Exams, Risk Analysis Reports, Trade Reconstruction & Investigation, Rule Monitor Reports, and bespoke compliance consultations.

Regulations are incoming (crypto) and constantly changing. Compliance needs are ever-evolving and the costs of failure to comply are catastrophic. Growing firms should be thinking about their compliance programs and internal procedures to make sure they are complying with rules that govern their businesses. We provide CCO services "to go" for entities that require top-grade compliance programs without the cost of a full-time CCO.

We accept crypto payments!

We also think digital assets powered by blockchain and distributed ledger technology will power the next revolution of technological development. That is why we accept payment in crypto in addition to fiat currencies, and will also cater to start-ups with specialized payment structures.

Reach out today about a consultation for Chief Compliance Officer services, to go!

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Excellent Bjondi, great to see you so engaged in the space. We need more experienced players like yourself and your expertise.


Tony Pettipiece

Chairman, GRIP (DIFC) Investments

Me gusta
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